This section describes WiDAR’s comment function.
WiDAR comes with the ability to comment on scanned results, allowing you to leave a simple note.

The comment function can be used by clicking the comment button from the mode selection button on the right side of the browsing screen.

Next, tap the area on the 3D scan where you want to add a comment.
Once tapped, the comment will be tagged on the 3D scan.

Tap the tag again to open the comment editing window.

When you save, the comment editing window will be closed.
The saved comment will be displayed when you tap the tag again.
You can add an additional comment to a different location by tapping on a different location.

You can change the size of the comments by swiping the bottom bar.

To delete a comment, tap the Delete button, then tap the tag of the comment you want to delete.

After the confirmation, you can delete the comment.

Saved comments can be viewed by opening the viewing screen again and entering the comment mode.
By adding comments, you can turn your 3D scan into a presentation document!