3D scans scanned by WiDAR are much more accurate in terms of length and size.
It is many times easier to use WiDAR’s 3D scan and measure function than to actually measure with a measuring tape.
Moreover, once you have scanned, if you forget to measure, you can do it on your phone without going back to the site!
Let’s learn how to use the measure function.

Navigate to the viewing screen of the data you want to measure.
Select Measure mode from the mode selection buttons on the right.
Once you are in measure mode, the buttons for measurement will appear.
Initially, Distance Measurement is selected.

This section explains how to measure the distance.
First, on the 3D scan, tap the location where you want to start measuring the distance.
This will bring up the measurement start point.

Next, tap the other endpoint on the 3D scan.
Then a measuring tape will automatically appear and show the distance between the two points.

If the text is too small, use the bar below to increase the size of the display.

Next, we will explain how to measure the angle.
Let’s press the Measure Angle button.

As with the distance measurement, tap to create an angle.
Once the angle is created, it will be automatically displayed in several degrees.

Finally, we will explain how to measure the area.
Select Area Measurement from the right button.

By tapping the same, you can enclose the area you want to measure.

You can also use the Undo button to go back one level.

Once you have enclosed the area, click on the Done button and the area will be calculated and displayed.

If you want to delete the measure, press the Delete button.

You can delete a measure by pressing the Delete button and then touching the measure you want to delete.
Use this if you have generated a lot of measures.

You can now use the measure function!
The measures you generate will be saved automatically, so you won’t have to keep re-measuring them!
Next, we will learn how to add notes to the 3D scan.