WiDAR Tutorials

Hi there!

We are going to bring you into introduction of WiDAR’s photo mode, which uses photogrammetry technology to generate accurate 3D objects from images.

It is also available for iPhones that do not have LiDAR.

When you launch WiDAR app, select photo mode button from tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Then let`s start taking pictures of the subject you want to scan in 3D with the camera. The tip is to take pictures frequently, better to have more than 70% more common areas between two photos taken in line, while going around the subject to get the best results.

When you have finished taking a series of photos, press the End button. This will take you to the preview screen.

Tapping the Upload button will upload all photos to the cloud to start processing photogrammetry, and the number of the available scan credit will descrease.

Do not close the app while uploading!

After finishing uploading, it will take a few minutes to process the data.

Since the size of exchanged data is large, it is recommended to upload in a WiFi environment.


Once the process is finished in the cloud, it will be downloaded and you will be able to see the 3D scanned object. Tap Library button from the bottom tab, and then choose the item you just scanned to check it out!

Photo mode takes longer time to process than LiDAR mode, but it is suitable for accurately scanning relatively small objects. Try scanning every kind of stuffs around you such as food or figures.