This section explains how to scan 3D objects using WiDAR.

As soon as you launch the app, the scanning screen will start up. Press the shoot button to start scanning.

If you point the camera in the direction of the object while scanning, it will automatically scan it.
The key to a successful scan is to take a picture of the object as you slowly move around it so that the haze disappears.

When you have finished scanning through, press the Stop Shooting button to finish scanning.

After finishing the scan, you will be taken to the 3D scan viewing screen.
Initially, only the outline of the 3D scan is displayed and there is no image.
While the animation in the upper right corner is moving, the captured image is being processed.
It will take some time for the images to be processed.

Once the image has been processed, the image will be attached to the 3D scan.
Let’s browse the 3D scan you have taken.
The operations on this screen can be learned in other tutorials.
Go to 3D scan viewing tutorial

If you want to continue scanning, use the “Back” button to go to the library screen, and then press the “Scan” button in the upper left corner.

You’ve got your scan! Next, let’s browse through the 3D scan.