WiDAR has a share function that allows you to share captured, cropped and composited 3D scans in OBJ file format.
As a textured 3D model, it can be imported and used in 3D modeling software such as Blender or Maya, or game engines such as Unity or UnrealEngine.
They can also be printed on a 3D printer.

While viewing the 3D scan you want to share, press the Share button from the Mode selection button on the right.

Select the computer or phone you want to share it with, and share it.
If it is a large 3D scan, it may take some time to transfer.

From the Library screen, you can share multiple 3D scans at the same time.
In the upper right corner, press the Multiple Select button.

You can share multiple scans at the same time by selecting the 3D scans you want to share and then clicking the Share button.

The sharing feature comes in very handy!
WiDAR has not only the ability to scan, but also the ability to edit scans, which is very useful for 3D creation.