This section explains how to view 3D scans using WiDAR.

After launching the app, go to the library.

Select the 3D scan you wish to view from the library.

When selected, you will be taken to the 3D scan viewing screen.
This screen is the same as the one you will be taken to after performing the scan.

Swipe the browsing screen to rotate the 3D scan.
It is helpful to check the gizmo in the upper left corner to see the orientation it is facing.

Pinch the viewing screen to zoom in and out of the 3D scan.

Swipe the browsing screen with two fingers to move the 3D scan in parallel.
Use this feature if the 3D scan has moved off-screen.

If you want to change the name of the 3D scan, touch the name frame above.

Enter a name and confirm to rename the 3D scan.

In the next tutorial, we will go into more detail about viewing 3D scans.