Here is a more detailed look at how to view a 3D scan.

WiDAR offers a variety of viewing methods.
Initially, “Normal Mode” is selected.

Touch the top button to change the button display to “walkthrough mode”.
In “Walkthrough Mode”, you can operate the device like a game.
Two sticks will appear on the screen.
The left stick allows you to move, and the right stick allows you to move the viewpoint.

Touch the button again to enter the “Floor Plan Mode”.
The “Floor Plan Mode” is suitable for viewing the property from above and using a measuring tape.

Touch the button again to return to “Normal Mode”.

The “Reset” button restores the position of the 3D scan to its initial state.
You can press this button when the 3D scan is out of the screen and you have lost sight of it.

The “Rotate Button” is a button to switch between portrait and landscape mode.
“It is best to use it at the same time as the Walkthrough Mode.

Pressing the “Switch Image” button allows you to see the unevenness of the 3D scan in more detail.
Each time you press the button, the display switches.

We have explained the developmental viewing method.
Next, we will discuss cropping a 3D scan.