Bring 3D Creativity to Everyone

Bring 3D to everyone

WOGOinc. is a technology company consisting mainly of members who graduated from University`s information science laboratory and posess a wide range of cutting-edge knowledge, including 3D technology, machine learning and blockchain.

In preparation for the coming Web 3.0 and Metaverse era, we will create new values and deliver them to the world by implementing cutting-edge technologies in a tech-driven and speedy way.

We aim to be the Global No.1 product.



With 3D scanning and editing solution on mobile devices, it is devecratizing the creation of 3D content by everyone.

Co-creating the future of the Metaverse

In the age of Web3.0 and metaverse, it is essential for everyone to participate in the creation of digital content as a creator. On the other hand, traditional 3D production tools such as Blender, which are used for professional field like films, games and industrial design, are not readily accessible for every creators.

Just as Instagram has democratized image production and Tiktok has democratized video production, WOGO will democratize 3D production, and enable everyone to create, own and bring their own digital assets into metaverse.