Bring 3D to everyone

Bring 3D to everyone

WOGOinc. is a company that develops and provides technologies for all people to utilize 3D contents for AR, VR and Metaverse.

Now with the improvement of processing speed of smartphone devices, 3D scan has become something that everyone can do easily.

Our main product “WIDAR” enables easy creation of 3D model datas through 3D scanning real objects and 3D editing on mobile devices.

By utilizing generated datas, we will help users enrich metaverse world with self-created 3D contents.



By 3D scanning and editing, we want to encourage creativity and curiousity of users.

Through saving, sharing and collaborating we will bring connections between people beyond space and time.

Co-creating the future of the Metaverse

We embrace many possibilities for the realization of a metaverse society. On the other hand, “metaverse” is just something that many people do not know what is is or what its value is.

We believe collabolation is required between a variety of technologies, infrastructure and people to realize the metaverse society that we are aiming for.

We aim to create a future in which companies, users, and everyone else can co-creates metaverse, by connecting the generated 3D datas with all kinds of platforms.